Why Do Companies Outsource Software Development? 5 Key Reasons

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After receiving your application, we contact you to establish the crucial aspects of your project, its business context, and its core aim. Then we schedule a meeting with our solution team to clarify all aspects and discuss in more detail. Adequate development quality and reasonable costs, the minimal time zone difference with North America. Outsourcing development is a new direction of this continent’s activity. As a perfect example of virtual reality in marketing, Mirinda VR is an immersive desktop application with gamification features for Oculus Rift that uses virtual reality technology.

outsourcing software development

Language is a barrier you must first address to ensure you communicate the vision of the project and that the outsourcing company’s development team can communicate back clearly any concerns and clarification. Software outsourcing is a technique where a software development project is delegated to external development experts rather than using in-house manpower. This can involve outsourcing just specific tasks within a software development project or delegating the entire undertaking https://globalcloudteam.com/outsourcing-software-development-pros-cons/ to a software development outsourcing company of your choice. Originally based in Dallas, Texas, the company has opened offices in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and Portu, Portugal. However, for large and long-term projects that may require the expansion of the team and the involvement of highly specialized experts, you will need to clarify this aspect with your future contractor. Time and material This is the most typical sort of custom software development outsourcing arrangement.

Can I hire part-time Java/ .Net engineers?

Add the highest level of English in Latin America, which is a big perk when choosing a country to offshore. The information technology industry is growing by up to 30,000 specialists in Ukraine per year. Software development outsourcing in Ukraine is something that can benefit your company’s project.

outsourcing software development

Without micromanaging, keep posted on the progress to ensure everything is moving the way it’s expected to be. Not every aspect of the project needs to be handed over to an external team, outsource those that just need the expertise you lack and if you lack enough team members to work on certain points in a project. This can mean doing some case studies on your first few projects to see which can be kept in-house or must be outsourced to be more cost-effective. Setting up this fully dedicated team will speed up the software or application development. While software outsourcing is generally designed to simplify the business process and take care of the complex elements in between, it also comes with some challenges. They might not be super daunting, but they are worthy to know about before deciding to tap into the outsourcing market.

Why Choose Outsourcing Software Development?

You have launched a startup with an excellent idea but without enough experience. Program-Ace created a corporate augmented reality portal to make a New Year present for their community. A cross-platform 3D virtual dressing room designed to improve digital shopping experience. An enterprise cloud-based SaaS platform for accountants that became #1 tool on a French financial market. An award-winning AR app that features an adorable rabbit whose mission is to introduce children to the world of augmented and mixed reality through entertainment.

outsourcing software development

Make sure to have a good understanding of the following processes for the best results. Yet another immense benefit of outsourcing your software development is that you may flexibly tailor a required team of professionals on demand. Ultimately, this enables you to intricately scale your project exactly where and when you see fit. You provide workflow specifications based on which the outsourcing provider launches a project that they fully oversee, manage, and complete from start to finish, delivering finished solutions and specific results. At Chudovo, we have the capacities of a global software development provider focused on outsourcing options that fit widely ranging needs of businesses operating across various industries. We live in an age dominated by software, and businesses must produce quality products to secure a foothold in a crowded marketplace.

Business-minded engineering

Software outsourcing is a popular business solution that many organizations rely on for their technical needs. It continues to thrive because of its ability to deliver significant value to stakeholders and enable businesses to remain operational even amidst disruptions. Involving an external partner in the project welcomes expertise and loads of experience businesses use to create an upper hand in the industry. Intellias is a trusted software outsourcing company in Eastern Europe with over 19 years of experience in software development. The agency is operating in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the region is suffering from a tech talent shortage.

  • Such companies as Brainly and Docplanner are among the top startups that obtained global recognition.
  • This collaboration type is well-suited for long-term projects with vague requirements and large in-house projects when the client’s staff lacks specific expertise.
  • The cost structures for resources, while higher than India, were still competitive which probably kept us motivated to try this model out a bit longer than otherwise would have been the case.
  • Building an engineering team starts with a high-performing leader, who brings in technical capabilities and chooses necessary technology talent to accomplish the work.

To fill the staffing shortage of IT specialists caused by the Russian invasion, the government and foreign investors launched the “IT generation” project to provide free IT-related courses for the Ukrainians. Your country may have legal requirements for the territory where the data collection and processing happen, usually referred to as “data residency”. Since data usage becomes increasingly regulated, countries force businesses to follow certain rules during the development of software that will process users’ data. For example, the GDPR laws require companies to keep the data of EU users securely inside the EU.

Pros And Cons Of Cooperation With Software Developers From Latin America

In 2020, Ukraine demonstrated a 20% information technology growth, and the country is planning to triple the result by 2025. When aiming to optimize the development budget in 2023 and beyond, it is not even a question to outsource or not. Spending on IT global services has grown up to $1.2 Trillion in 2021, with a growth of 9.8% from the previous year. And while it can be challenging, you can easily overcome them through defined goals, clear communication, and real-time monitoring.

outsourcing software development

ScienceSoft’s developers use Go to build robust cloud-native, microservices-based applications that leverage advanced techs — IoT, big data, AI, ML, blockchain. ScienceSoft delivers cloud-native, real-time web and mobile apps, web servers, and custom APIs ~1.5–2x faster than other software developers. For the second year in a row, ScienceSoft USA Corporation ranks among 500 American companies with the highest revenue growth. This achievement is the result of our unfailing commitment to provide high-quality IT services and create best-value solutions that meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations. How hard is it for an HR agency to source applicants for a development services?

Pros And Cons Of Cooperation With Software Developers From Africa

Using outsourcing software development services can be interpreted as the process of engaging an organization outside of your company and/or country to handle certain business activities for you. In other words, to outsource software development means to hire a third-party group of experts who can offer particular skills and experience that are essential for you. These skills include everything from web development and chatbot development to UI/UX design and MVP. In software development outsourcing, a company hires a third-party service provider to handle its software development projects. The development services can range from developing custom software your company uses or developing commercial software for your customers.


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